Sell – Anytime, Anywhere.

Optimized on your smartphone to manage stocks on the go, send invoices & fulfill orders.
Sell & move inventory, customize your online store – anytime, anywhere.

Manage – Everywhere, Effortlessly.

List, sell & market your product SKUs with Rack, Range & Bulk Pricing – depending on your business needs.

With Obbo's online payment & 3PL, you can manage the fulfillment process effortlessly
upon one-click confirmation from your dashboard.

Manage & get faster payments through
our payment system

Receive payments within T+7 days with our online payment system. Use the one-click e-invoicing process from your Orders Dashboard to streamline your billing process.

Manage logistics

Three ways to ship your products:

(i) Self Collection at the physical store (ii) Seller’s Own Fleet Fulfillment (iii) Fulfilled by Obbo at a flat rate starting from $5 (may vary depending on distance & speed of delivery)

Pay Only when you make a sale.

Obbo works on a pay-for-performance model of 15% commission for every successful transaction.

0% Upfront Cost. $0 Onboarding Fees. 0% Payment Gateway Charges.

Why sell B2B with Obbo? We have a ready pool of corporate buyers onboarded on the platform.

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