Job Details




Job Type

Marketplace Ops




1 Year

Offered Salary

$3,000 - $3,500

Get to know about our #OpsHeroes

As a member of our ObboFamily, we acknowledge every member’s contributions and presence within the team – regardless of seniority or designation. Within the operations team, you are the driving force behind Obbo. We welcome experienced and passionate individuals to explore creative and innovative ways to mange day-to-day business and ensure smooth operations for thousands of local businesses & SMEs in Singapore. If you share our drive and vision, we would love having you here with us!

Key responsibilities

  • Work with BD manager to drive Obbo’s operations in alignment with existing business development efforts and daily operational requirements
  • Ensure smooth end-to-end customer satisfaction and requests which may be attributed to deliveries, refunds, exchanges, transfers etc.
  • Actively provide areas of improvement for technological solutions from Obbo’s multifaceted offerings through customer feedback or comments

Who are we looking for?

  • Demonstrate strong track record in stakeholder management through historical past or part-time employment
  • ‘Customer-first’ trait and have strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills
  • Proven tenacity and ability to work individually or in teams
  • Passionate in making a difference for our local businesses

About Obbo

Obbo is Singapore’s fastest growing and largest B2B marketplace. Our eCommerce platform currently powers thousands of brick-and-mortar, offline small-to-medium (SME) enterprises and we are growing our buyers and sellers’ count on a daily basis, focusing on growing and dominating the manufacturing landscape.

Today, we have expanded beyond the industrial & manufacturing sector – building traction and growth in automotive, maintenance, repair & operations (MRO), health & pharmaceutical, agriculture, computing, electrical, food & beverage, packaging & material handling as well as professional services.

As the company’s name states for itself, Obbo is the acronym for Offline Businesses Backed Online. We envision to grow and unlock a trans-formative environment for businesses to do business digitally and globally.