Introducing COVID 19 SME Go Digital Package

Zero Upfront Fees. No Hidden Fees. 

We understand how difficult it is, hence we are providing a support scheme to enable local, brick and mortar small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to do business online during this period.
End to end Onboarding Process COVID 19 Support Scheme
Marketplace Exposure COVID 19 Support Scheme
What does this B2B marketplace (removed all subscription fees) include?
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With the Support Scheme, you can operate anywhere.

Sell, Chat, Market, Manage, Deliver orders with a click of a button.

Optimized on your smartphone to manage stocks on the go, send invoices & fulfill orders.
Sell & move inventory, customize your online store – anytime, anywhere.

Obbo-IMDA Go Digital: Pay Only when you make a sale.

Obbo works on a pay-for-performance model of 15% commission for every successful transaction.

0% Upfront Cost. $0 Onboarding Fees. 0% Payment Gateway Charges.

Why sell B2B with Obbo? We have a ready pool of corporate buyers onboarded on the platform.

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