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    What is Obbo?


    Obbo is a digital discovery and technological platform that connects enterprises to wholesalers, distributors and brands.

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    Whether is it a buyer or seller for Procurement, Packaging or Maintenance & Repair, there is something where we can help you in. 

    Goodbye to fragmented buying methods & processes.

    Hello to seamless process of PR, PO, GRN for Enterprises.

    Goodbye to asymmetrical packaging & logistic inefficiencies.

    Hello to uniform packaging solutions.

    Goodbye to variances in product specifications & costing.

    Hello to optimized & lean operations.

    Goodbye to manual creation or micro managing every agreement.

    Hello to simplified, autonomous, collaborative contracting & analytics platform.

    Goodbye to manual tracking of inventory & sales channels.

    Hello to integrated, real-time management & omni-channel selling.

    Goodbye to multiple vendors’ sites contact form & paying upfront first.

    Hello to integrated purchasing journey of industrial & business supplies through a single window.

    Why Partner with Obbo?


    Solving Real Problems for Sellers. 

    Built for Wholesalers & Brands.

    The product team comprises of individuals who are well experienced in the industrial & manufacturing sector. We have created solutions for suppliers ranging from wholesalers, key distributors & brands.

    Skyrocket Your Sales with Omni-Channel

    Ideal for wholesalers & brands to leverage on Obbo to market, monitor real-time inventory & sales channels from different authorized distributors & retailers.

    Better Cash Flow

    Reduced financial risks through Obbo’s payment system & operational costs through demand aggregation & logistical support from Obbo. 

    Solving Real Problems for Purchasers & Enterprises. 

    Designed for Corporate Buyers.

    We know that frustration when tasked to make purchases for your company. Sending multiple emails and providing info on contact forms. At times, you may need to pay upfront. No longer with Obbo.

    Save Unnecessary Manual Work

    No longer the days to raise Purchase Requisition (PR) forms and request for reimbursement.

    Save Time with Instant Quotes

    No longer required to wait for three different vendors to respond and experience multiple interfaces, just to make a purchase.