Flexible Spend Capital
for SMEs

Goodbye to long waiting approvals.

All application done online and pay with credit terms in just a few days.

No additional fees or minimal requirement to withdraw. Interest starting from 1% for late payment.

Customized dashboards to provide the approved credit that suits your business. 

30-Day Terms or Credit Line
A Better Way to Buy

“Don’t stress about inventory” – Get funding with flexible & pre-approved line of credit

Privately Owned or Limited Liability

Singapore or PR director with at least 30% shareholding

Active corporate bank account for at least 3 months

What does it mean for sellers?
A Better Way to Sell

“Don’t worry about collection” – Manage better cash flow & focus on selling your products

Get your cash upfront on the first day

Buyers get 30-day terms or more

Obbo collects on your behalf

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